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Extreme Booster

Mara Cuja

300 Gramm (= 20 extreme Portionen)
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The Extreme Booster is the crowning glory among energy drinks for long periods of concentration in order to always be 2 steps ahead of the competition.

180 mg caffeine work immediately after approx. 15-30 minutes, closely followed by NewCaff, which initiates your second skill phase after approx. 90 minutes.

A well-chosen serving of L-theanine from the green tea extract acts as an antagonist against the side effects of caffeine and stabilizes your alpha waves.

Maximum dosages of L-Tyrosine for your Dopamine & Actetyl-L-Carnitine give your brain enough fuel for extra long sessions and boost your motivation and increase your mental performance thanks to the stimulation of your mitochondria.

Panax Ginseng, the insider tip for mental energy, gives you that certain something and supports you against stress and fatigue.

Many don't have DMAE on their radar, we do. 120mg per serving sharpen your senses and help your nerve tracts in the brain to transmit stimuli.

Our vitamin mix supports you against tiredness and could support your concentration thanks to the most bioavailable forms of the two most important vitamins for focus.

Our tip: One can gives you 20 - 60 scoops, for the full effect (only for experienced energy enthusiasts) you treat yourself to 3 full scoops.

for the perfect taste and a well-balanced effect, we recommend about 1.5 scoops to 500 ml

Consumption info

Mix three heaped measuring spoons (15g) with 500 ml of cold water.

Note: Contains caffeine (380 mg per 15g serving). This product is not a replacement for one balanced and varied diet. The recommended daily intake must not be crossed. Not for children and pregnant or breastfeeding women suitable. Store the product out of the reach of children. From direct heat and Protect light exposure. Best before if unopened: see can bottom. Use quickly after opening. Dietary supplement with sweeteners and Caffeine, for improved concentration phases, especially for video gamers.



Here you can expect a concentrated load of concentration with high-quality ingredients that... more

Here you can expect a concentrated load of concentration with high-quality ingredients that motivate you to achieve top performance.

Thanks to the complex formula consisting of instantly acting 180 mg caffeine in combination with 200 mg "slow-release" caffeine from NewCaff, which will electrify you again after 90 minutes, you can expect a constant focus that far exceeds the duration of a normal booster.


We recommend consuming the Extreme Booster from the age of 18.